Provided by: rxvt-unicode_9.22-6_amd64 bug


       selection - more intelligent selection (enabled by default)


       This extension tries to be more intelligent when the user extends selections (double-click
       and further clicks). Right now, it tries to select words, urls and complete shell-quoted
       arguments, which is very convenient, too, if your ls supports "--quoting-style=shell".

       A double-click usually selects the word under the cursor, further clicks will enlarge the

       The selection works by trying to match a number of regexes and displaying them in
       increasing order of length. You can add your own regexes by specifying resources of the

          URxvt.selection.pattern-0: perl-regex
          URxvt.selection.pattern-1: perl-regex

       The index number (0, 1...) must not have any holes, and each regex must contain at least
       one pair of capturing parentheses, which will be used for the match. For example, the
       following adds a regex that matches everything between two vertical bars:

          URxvt.selection.pattern-0: \\|([^|]+)\\|

       Another example: Programs I use often output "absolute path: " at the beginning of a line
       when they process multiple files. The following pattern matches the filename (note, there
       is a single space at the very end):

          URxvt.selection.pattern-0: ^(/[^:]+):\

       You can look at the source of the selection extension to see more interesting uses, such
       as parsing a line from beginning to end.

       This extension also offers the following actions:

           Rot-13 the selection when activated.


              URxvt.keysym.C-M-r: selection:rot13