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       µTox - Lightweight Tox client


       usage:   utox  [--portable]  [--theme  <default|dark|light|highcontrast|zenburn|solarized-
       light|solarized-dark>] [--set=<start-on-boot|show-window|hide-window>]
          or: utox --version
          or: utox --help


       µTox is a free software lighweight graphical Tox client.

       µTox can be used for:
        * 1-to-1 text IM
        * group IM
        * audio calls
        * video calls
        * group audio calls
        * desktop sharing
        * file transfers


       -t <THEME> or --theme <THEME>
              Choose a color scheme. Possible options are  default,  dark,  light,  highcontrast,
              zenburn, solarized-light, or solarized-dark.

       -p or --portable
              Run  in  portable  mode.  All  data  will be saved to the tox folder in the current
              working directory, see FILES for more details.

       -s <OPTION> or --set <OPTION>
              Set an option. The available options are "start-on-boot", "show-window" and  "hide-

       -s <OPTION> or --set <OPTION>
              Unset an option. The available option is "start-on-boot".

       -v or --verbose
              Increase  debug  output  level.  Multiple  -v  options  increase the verbosity. The
              maximum is 3.

              Set the verbosity level to 0, disable all debugging output.

       -h or --help
              Print a short description of available options.

              Print the version and exit.


       These commands can be used in the chat window.

       /alias <alias>
              Sets selected friend's alias to <alias>. It  will  be  displayed  instead  of  that
              friend's name.

       /invite <name>
              Invites <name> to the current groupchat.

       /sendfile <path>
              Sends a file located in <path> to the current friend.

       /topic <topic>
              Changes current groupchat's name/topic to <topic>. This command can also be used to
              edit the current topic by typing /topic and pressing the tab key.

       /me <action>
              Sends an message/action in the format <name> <action>, for example: Tox  User  says


       All  files  listed  below are located in $HOME/.config/tox. If µTox is running in portable
       mode, their location will be ./tox.

              tox_save.tox is the file that contains the public/private key  pair,  name,  status
              and contacts. It's compatible with other Tox clients.

              utox_save is µTox' binary config file, it contains settings such as language, proxy
              options, DPI or logging.

              The avatars directory contains other  contacts'  avatars.  Files  are  named  after
              contacts' public keys (the first 64 characters of the ID).

              Default directory for auto-accepted files in portable mode.

       [public key].txt
              Those are friends' chat logs. µTox supports only 1v1 chat logging for now.

       [public key].fmetadata
              Friend metadata file, currently used for storing aliases.

       [public key][file number].ftoutfo
              Current  outgoing  file transfers' state. Used for resuming transfers across client


       Please see the list page:


       Please report bugs on

       The website for µTox can be found at and source  code  can  be  found  at