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   Vector modules:
           ·   v.buffer Creates a buffer around vector features of given type.

           · Rebuilds topology on all vector maps in the current mapset.

           · Creates topology for vector map.

           · Builds polylines from lines or boundaries.

           ·   v.category Attaches, deletes or reports vector categories to map geometry.

           ·   v.centroids Adds missing centroids to closed boundaries.

           ·   v.class Classifies attribute data, e.g. for thematic mapping

           ·   v.clean Toolset for cleaning topology of vector map.

           ·   v.clip Extracts features of input map which overlay features of clip map.

           ·   v.cluster Performs cluster identification.

           ·   v.colors Creates/modifies the color table associated with a vector map.

           ·   v.colors.out Exports the color table associated with a vector map.

           ·   v.db.addcolumn Adds one or more columns to the  attribute  table  connected  to  a
               given vector map.

           ·   v.db.addtable  Creates  and  connects a new attribute table to a given layer of an
               existing vector map.

           ·   v.db.connect Prints/sets DB connection for a vector map to attribute table.

           ·   v.db.dropcolumn Drops a column from the  attribute  table  connected  to  a  given
               vector map.

           ·   v.db.droprow  Removes  a  vector  feature  from  a  vector  map  through attribute

           ·   v.db.droptable Removes existing attribute table of a vector map.

           ·   v.db.join Joins a database table to a vector map table.

           ·   v.db.reconnect.all Reconnects attribute  tables  for  all  vector  maps  from  the
               current mapset to a new database.

           ·   v.db.renamecolumn  Renames  a  column  in the attribute table connected to a given
               vector map.

           · Prints vector map attributes.

           ·   v.db.univar Calculates univariate statistics on selected table column for a  GRASS
               vector map.

           ·   v.db.update Updates a column in the attribute table connected to a vector map.

           ·   v.decimate Decimates a point cloud

           ·   v.delaunay  Creates  a  Delaunay triangulation from an input vector map containing
               points or centroids.

           ·   v.dissolve Dissolves boundaries between adjacent areas sharing a  common  category
               number or attribute.

           ·   v.distance Finds the nearest element in vector map ’to’ for elements in vector map

           ·   v.drape Converts 2D vector features to 3D by sampling of elevation raster map.

           ·   v.edit Edits a vector map, allows adding, deleting and modifying  selected  vector

           ·   v.external  Creates a new pseudo-vector map as a link to an OGR-supported layer or
               a PostGIS feature table.

           ·   v.external.out Defines vector output format.

           ·   v.extract Selects vector features from an existing vector map and  creates  a  new
               vector map containing only the selected features.

           ·   v.extrude Extrudes flat vector features to 3D vector features with defined height.

           ·   v.generalize Performs vector based generalization.

           ·   v.hull Produces a 2D/3D convex hull for a given vector map.

           ·   v.import  Imports  vector  data  into  a  GRASS  vector  map using OGR library and
               reprojects on the fly.

           · Creates a vector map from an ASCII points file or ASCII vector file.

           ·  Creates  new  vector  (points)  map  from   database   table   containing

           · Converts file in DXF format to GRASS vector map.

           · Imports E00 file into a vector map.

           · Imports country files into a vector points map.

           · Converts LAS LiDAR point clouds to a GRASS vector map with libLAS.

           · Imports ASCII x,y[,z] coordinates as a series of lines.

           · Imports Mapgen or Matlab-ASCII vector maps into GRASS.

           · Imports vector data into a GRASS vector map using OGR library.

           · Converts LAS LiDAR point clouds to a GRASS vector map with PDAL.

           · Creates a vector polygon from the current region extent.

           · Imports GetFeature from a WFS server.

           · Outputs basic information about a vector map.

           ·   v.kcv Randomly partition points into test/train sets.

           ·   v.kernel Generates a raster density map from vector points map.

           ·   v.label Creates paint labels for a vector map from attached attributes.

           · Create optimally placed labels for vector map(s)

           ·   v.lidar.correction  Corrects  the  v.lidar.growing  output.  It is the last of the
               three algorithms for LIDAR filtering.

           ·   v.lidar.edgedetection Detects the object’s edges from a LIDAR data set.

           ·   v.lidar.growing Building contour determination and Region  Growing  algorithm  for
               determining the building inside

           ·   v.lrs.create Creates a linear reference system.

           ·   v.lrs.label Creates stationing from input lines, and linear reference system.

           ·   v.lrs.segment  Creates  points/segments  from input lines, linear reference system
               and positions read from stdin or a file.

           ·   v.lrs.where Finds line id and real km+offset for given points in vector map  using
               linear reference system.

           ·   v.mkgrid Creates a vector map of a user-defined grid.

           ·   v.neighbors Neighborhood analysis tool for vector point maps.

           · Allocates subnets for nearest centers.

           ·  Computes  the  shortest  path  between  all  pairs of nodes in the

           · Computes bridges and articulation points in the network.

           ·  Computes   degree,   centrality,   betweeness,   closeness   and
               eigenvector centrality measures in the network.

           · Computes strongly and weakly connected components in the network.

           ·  Computes  vertex connectivity between two sets of nodes in the

           · Computes shortest distance via the network between the  given  sets
               of features.

           · Computes the maximum flow between two sets of nodes in the network.

           · Performs network maintenance.

           · Splits subnets for nearest centers by cost isolines.

           · Finds shortest path on vector network.

           ·   Creates  a  cycle  connecting  given  nodes  (Traveling  salesman

           · Computes minimum spanning tree for the network.

           · Creates Steiner tree for the network and given terminals.

           · Finds shortest path using timetables.

           · Performs visibility graph construction.

           ·   v.normal Tests for normality for vector points.

           ·   v.out.ascii Exports a vector map to a GRASS ASCII vector representation.

           ·   v.out.dxf Exports vector map to DXF file format.

           ·   v.out.lidar Exports vector points as LAS point cloud

           ·   v.out.ogr Exports a vector map layer to any of the supported OGR vector formats.

           ·   v.out.postgis Exports a vector map layer to PostGIS feature table.

           ·   v.out.pov Converts GRASS x,y,z points to POV-Ray x,z,y format.

           ·   v.out.svg Exports a vector map to SVG file.

           ·   v.out.vtk Converts a vector map to VTK ASCII output.

           ·   v.outlier Removes outliers from vector point data.

           ·   v.overlay Overlays  two  vector  maps  offering  clip,  intersection,  difference,
               symmetrical difference, union operators.

           ·   v.pack Exports a vector map as GRASS GIS specific archive file

           ·   v.parallel Creates parallel line to input vector lines.

           ·   v.patch Creates a new vector map by combining other vector maps.

           ·   v.perturb Random location perturbations of vector points.

           ·   v.profile Vector map profiling tool

           ·   v.proj Re-projects a vector map from one location to the current location.

           ·   v.qcount Indices for quadrat counts of vector point lists.

           ·   v.random Generates random 2D/3D vector points.

           ·   v.rast.stats  Calculates univariate statistics from a raster map based on a vector
               map and uploads statistics to new attribute columns.

           ·   v.reclass Changes vector category values for an existing vector map  according  to
               results of SQL queries or a value in attribute table column.

           ·   v.rectify  Rectifies  a  vector  by computing a coordinate transformation for each
               object in the vector based on the control points.

           · Reports geometry statistics for vector maps.

           ·   v.sample Samples a raster map at vector point locations.

           ·   v.segment Creates points/segments from input vector lines and positions.

           · Selects features from vector map (A) by features from  other  vector  map

           ·   v.split Splits vector lines to shorter segments.

           · Updates vector map metadata.

           ·  Performs  bicubic  or  bilinear spline interpolation with Tykhonov

           · Provides surface  interpolation  from  vector  point  data  by  Inverse
               Distance Squared Weighting.

           · Performs surface interpolation from vector points map by splines.

           ·   v.timestamp Modifies a timestamp for a vector map.

           · Performs transformation of 2D vector features to 3D.

           · Populates attribute values from vector features.

           · Converts vector polygons or points to lines.

           · Creates points along input lines in new vector map with 2 layers.

           · Converts (rasterize) a vector map into a raster map.

           · Converts a vector map (only points) into a 3D raster map.

           ·   v.transform  Performs an affine transformation (shift, scale and rotate) on vector

           ·   v.type Changes type of vector features.

           ·   v.univar Calculates univariate statistics of vector map features.

           ·   v.unpack Imports a GRASS GIS specific vector archive file (packed with v.pack)  as
               a vector map

           ·   v.vect.stats Count points in areas, calculate statistics from point attributes.

           ·   v.vol.rst Interpolates point data to a 3D raster map using regularized spline with
               tension (RST) algorithm.

           ·   v.voronoi Creates a Voronoi diagram constrained to  the  extents  of  the  current
               region from an input vector map containing points or centroids.

           ·   v.what Queries a vector map at given locations.

           ·   v.what.rast Uploads raster values at positions of vector points to the table.

           ·   v.what.rast3 Uploads 3D raster values at positions of vector points to the table.

           ·   v.what.strds  Uploads  space  time  raster  dataset  values at positions of vector
               points to the table.

           ·   v.what.vect Uploads vector values at positions of vector points to the table.

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