Provided by: hxtools_20180301-1_amd64 bug


       vfontas — VGA font file assembler


       vfontas [-EGW] [-D directory] [-c|--create] [-f file] [-x|--extract]


       VFontAS (VGA font file assembler). This small utility works on 8x16x256 bit raw font files
       (FNT). It can extract the chars from a FNT, that is, convert them to a textual bitmap, and
       merge them back; mainly to create fonts.


       -D directory
              Directory to read/write glyphs from/to.

       -E     Create an empty font file.

       -G     Convert  a  raw  8x16  FNT file from stdin to a 9x16 PSF2 suitable for fbdev, while
              extending the 8th column to the 9th column like the PC VGA BIOS mode 01h does.

       -W     Convert a raw 8x16 FNT file from stdin to a 16x16 PSF2, mimicking 40x25  text  mode
              on a 80x25 display.

       -c, --create
              Create a new FNT file by readnig all glyphs from the directory specified by -D.

       -f file
              Read/write from/to the VGA font stored in file.

       -x, --extract
              Extract the VGA font file's glyphs into the directory specified by -D.

       Only one of -E, -c or -x can be specified.

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