Provided by: mpdtoys_0.25_all bug


       vipl - edit mpd playlist


       vipl [host]


       vipl allows editing the mpd playlist using your text editor. The current playlist will be
       brought up in the editor. Delete or rearrange songs as desired using the editor.

       You can also enter the name of a playlist, or part of the name of an album, artist, or
       song. Matching items will be added to the playlist.  Streaming urls can also be entered.

       (If the perl String::Approx module is available, it will be used to handle typos, etc in
       the names you enter.)

       The currently playing song is marked with a ">" at the front. To change which song is
       playing, just move the ">" to a different song.

       If the hostname is omitted, the MPD_HOST environment variable will be used.


       Copyright 2008 by Joey Hess <>

       Licensed under the GNU GPL.