Provided by: libvips-tools_8.7.4-1_amd64 bug


       vips - run vips operations from the command line


       vips [options] [command] [command-options] [command-args]


       vips(1)  is the VIPS universal main program. You can use it to run any VIPS operation from
       the command line, to query the VIPS class hierarchy, and to maintain  parts  of  the  VIPS

       To  run  a  VIPS  operation,  the  first  argument should be the name of the operation and
       following arguments should be the operation arguments. For example:

         $ vips invert lena.v lena2.v


       -l BASE-NAME, --list=BASE-NAME
              List operations below BASE-NAME. This prints a one-line summary of every  operation
              in  vips  below the class BASE-NAME, where BASE-NAME may be a full vips class name,
              or a nickname.

              If BASE-NAME is not supplied, this will list all classes below VipsOperation.

       -p PLUGIN, --plugin=PLUGIN
              Load PLUGIN. Note that plugins in $VIPSHOME/lib/vips-plugins-MAJOR.MINOR are loaded

       -v, --version
              Show VIPS version.


       operation-name operation-arguments
              Execute a named operation, for example add.


       Run a vips8 operation. Operation options must follow the operation name.

         $ vips insert lena.v lena2.v out.v 0 0 --background "128 0 0"

       Get a "usage" message for an operation.

         $ vips insert
         insert image @sub into @main at @x, @y
            insert main sub out x y
            main         - Main input image, input VipsImage
            sub          - Sub-image to insert into main image, input VipsImage
            out          - Output image, output VipsImage
            x             -  Left  edge  of  sub  in main, input gint                  default: 0
                        min: -100000000, max: 100000000
            y            - Top edge of sub  in  main,  input  gint                    default:  0
                        min: -100000000, max: 100000000
         optional arguments:
            expand         -   Expand   output  to  hold  all  of  both  inputs,  input  gboolean
                        default: false
            background   - Colour for new pixels, input VipsArrayDouble
         operation flags: sequential

       List all draw operations.

         $ vips -l draw
           VipsDraw (draw), draw operations
             VipsDrawink (drawink), draw with ink operations
               VipsDrawRect (draw_rect), paint a rectangle on an image
               VipsDrawMask (draw_mask), draw a mask on an image
               VipsDrawLine (draw_line), draw a line on an image
               VipsDrawCircle (draw_circle), draw a circle on an image
               VipsDrawFlood (draw_flood), flood-fill an area
             VipsDrawImage (draw_image), paint an image into another image
             VipsDrawSmudge (draw_smudge), blur a rectangle on an image


       returns 0 on success and non-zero on error.




       The National Gallery and Birkbeck College, 1989-1996.

                                           30 June 1993                                   VIPS(1)