Provided by: pyvnc2swf_0.9.5-5_all bug


       vnc2swf-edit - edit movies generated by vnc2swf


       This manual page documents briefly the vnc2swf-edit command. This manual page was writtent
       for the Debian distribution because the original program dows not have a manual page.

       vnc2swf-edit is a companion for vnc2swf(1).  It  edits  or  reorganizes  one  or  multiple
       movies  generated  by  vnc2swf(1).  This program also supports converting a .vnc file into
       .swf movie, changing the encoding method (shape->video), attaching MP3  audio  file  to  a
       movie, extracting images from a movie and resampling/scaling/clipping a movie image.

       You  can  find  a  more  complete  documentation about it, including accepted command line
       arguments in /usr/share/doc/pyvnc2swf/pyvnc2swf.html.




       This manual page was written by Vincent Bernat <>, for the  Debian  project
       (but may be used by others).

                                         August 24, 2007                          VNC2SWF-EDIT(1)