Provided by: gnss-sdr_0.0.10-4_amd64 bug


       volk_gnsssdr_profile - Profiler application for libvolk_gnsssdr functions.


       volk_gnsssdr_profile [OPTION]


       The  Vector-Optimized  Library of Kernels of GNSS-SDR (VOLK_GNSSSDR) is a software library
       that provides developers with an interface to use Single  Input  -  Multiple  Data  (SIMD)
       instructions,  which  are  of  special  interest for operations that are in the receiver's
       critical path of the processing load.

       Processors providing SIMD instruction sets compute with multiple processing elements  that
       perform  the  same operation on multiple data points simultaneously, thus exploiting data-
       level parallelism, an can be found in most modern desktop and laptop  personal  computers.
       In  a  nutshell,  VOLK_GNSSSDR  implements  in  assembly  language  optimized  versions of
       computationally-intensive  operations  for  different  processor  architectures  that  are
       commonly  found  in  modern  computers. In order to use the most optimized version for the
       specific processor(s) of the host machine running the  software  receiver  (that  is,  the
       implementation than runs the fastest).

       volk_gnsssdr_profile  is  a  program  that  tests all known VOLK_GNSSSDR kernels (that is,
       basic processing components like adders, multipliers, correlators, and much more) for each
       architecture  supported  by  the host machine, measuring their performance. When finished,
       the profiler writes to $HOME/.volk_gnsssdr/volk_gnsssdr_config the best  architecture  for
       each  VOLK_GSSSDR  function.  This  file  is  read  when using a function to know the best
       version to execute.


       volk_gnsssdr_profile takes the following options:

       -h [ --help ] Print help message.

       -b [ --benchmark ] [ =arg(=1) ] (=0) Run all kernels (benchmark mode).

       -t [ --tol ] <arg> (=9.99999997e-07) Set the default error tolerance for tests.

       -v [ --vlen ] <arg> (=8111) Set the default vector length for tests.

       -i [ --iter ] <arg> (=1987) Set the default number of test iterations per kernel.

       -R [ --tests-regex ] <arg> Run tests matching regular expression.

       -u [ --update ] [ =arg(=1) ] (=0) Run only kernels missing from config; use -R to  further
       restrict the candidates.

       -n  [  --dry-run  ]  [ =arg(=1) ] (=0) Dry run. Respect other options, but do not write to

       -j [ --json ] <arg> JSON output file.



       Check for more information.


       This library was originally developed by Andres Cecilia Luque  in  the  framework  of  the
       Summer  of Code in Space program (SOCIS 2014) by the European Space Agency (ESA), and then
       integrated into gnss-sdr. This software is based on the VOLK library


       No known bugs.


       Andres Cecilia Luque (

       Carles Fernandez-Prades (