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       vwebp - decompress a WebP file and display it in a window


       vwebp [options] input_file.webp


       This manual page documents the vwebp command.

       vwebp decompresses a WebP file and displays it in a window using OpenGL.


       -h     Print usage summary.

              Print version number and exit.

       -noicc Don't use the ICC profile if present.

              Don't use the fancy YUV420 upscaler.

              Disable in-loop filtering.

       -dither strength
              Specify  a  dithering  strength  between  0 and 100. Dithering is a post-processing
              effect applied to chroma components in lossy compression.  It  helps  by  smoothing
              gradients and avoiding banding artifacts. Default: 50.

              By  default,  quantized  transparency  planes are dithered during decompression, to
              smooth the gradients. This flag will prevent this dithering.

       -mt    Use multi-threading for decoding, if possible.

       -info  Display image information on top of the decoded image.

       -- string
              Explicitly specify the input file. This option is useful if the input  file  starts
              with  an  '-'  for  instance.  This  option  must  appear  last.  Any other options
              afterward will be ignored. If the input file is "-", the data  will  be  read  from
              stdin instead of a file.


       'c'    Toggle use of color profile.

       'i'    Overlay file information.

       'd'    Disable blending and disposal process, for debugging purposes.

       'q' / 'Q' / ESC


       Please report all bugs to the issue tracker:
       Patches        welcome!        See       this       page       to       get       started:


       vwebp picture.webp
       vwebp picture.webp -mt -dither 0
       vwebp -- ---picture.webp


       vwebp is a part of libwebp and was written by the WebP team.
       The latest source tree is available at

       This manual page was written for the Debian project (and may be used by others).


       Please refer to for additional information.

                                        November 25, 2016                                VWEBP(1)