Provided by: wallpaper_0.1-1ubuntu1_all bug


       wallpaper - Find images which can be used as wallpapers


       wallpaper [ OPTIONS ] FILE ...


       This script tests if an image is usable as a desktop wallpaper.  A list of image types and
       a minimum and a maximum width and aspect ratio can be specified.  If a file passes all the
       tests, it is returned to stdout.


       This is just a short manpage written for the Debian package of wondershaper because the
       original version lacks a manpage.  See /usr/share/doc/wallpaper/ for more information.


       -w --min-width
            Set the minimum width. Defaults to 780.

       -x --max-width
            Set the maximum width. Defaults to 4000.

       -a --min-aspect
            Set the minimum aspect ratio. Defaults to 1.30.

       -b --max-aspect
            Set the maximum aspect ratio. Defaults to 1.36.

       -X --exclude
            Set the exclude file type list. Defaults to "".

       -I --include
            Set the include file type list. Defaults to "JPEG,PNG,GIF,GIF87".

       -v  --verbose
            Print additonal info to stderr.

            Print a help text and exit.

            Print the version and exit.


       wallpaper was written by Jan Kandziora <>.  Look for updates at


       wallpaper is licensed under the GNU GPL.