Provided by: watson_1.6.0-5_all bug


       watson - helps you monitoring your time


        watson [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...


       Watson is a tool aimed at helping you monitoring your time.

       You  just  have  to  tell  Watson  when you start working on your project with the `start`
       command, and you can stop the timer when you're done with the `stop` command.


              Show the version and exit.

       ‐‐help Show this manpage and exit.


       cancel Cancel the last call to the start command. The time will not be recorded.

       config Get and set configuration options.

       edit   Edit a frame.

       frames Display the list of all frame IDs.

       help   Display help information.

       log    Display each recorded session during the given timespan

       merge  Perform a merge of the existing frames with a conflicting frames file.

              Display the list of all the existing projects.

       remove Remove a frame.

       rename Rename a project or tag.

       report Display a report of the time spent on each project.

              Restart monitoring time for a previously stopped project.

       start  Start monitoring time for the given project.

       status Display when the current project was started and the time spent since.

       stop   Stop monitoring time for the current project.

       sync   Get the frames from the server and push the new ones.

       tags   Display the list of all the tags.


       This manual page was generate by genallman shellscript that uses txt2man.  The script  was
       created  by  Joao  Eriberto Mota Filho <>. The manpage was made for the
       watson package of the Debian project (but may be used by others)

       If  more  information  is   necessary,   please   read   the   online   documentation   at