Provided by: wap-wml-tools_0.0.4-7build1_amd64 bug


       wbmp2xpm - Converts WBMP files to 1- bit XPM files


       These are tools for dealing with WBMP files - WAP bitmaps.

       These  files are really simple - the first two bytes contain version information (I think)
       which at the minute is set to 0. The 3rd byte contains the width  and  the  4th  byte  the
       height (I guess this makes WBMP images max 255x255 pixels then).

       From  the 5th byte onwards they are simply byte-padded binary encoded 1-bit images - 1 for
       white, 0 for black.

       wbmp2xpm generates 1-bit XPM files from WBMP files.  An  example  WBMP  file  is  included

       Coming soon : something useful (i.e. a WBMP creator)

       Usage: ./wbmp2xpm <file.wbmp>