Provided by: wig_0.6-1_all bug


       wig - WebApp Information Gatherer


       identify numerous Content Management Systems and other administrative applications


       wig [-h] [-l INPUT_FILE] [-q] [-n STOP_AFTER] [-a] [-m] [-u] [-d]

              [-t THREADS] [--no_cache_load] [--no_cache_save] [-N] [--verbosity] [--proxy PROXY]
              [-w OUTPUT_FILE] <url>


   Required arguments:
       url    The url to scan e.g.

   Optional arguments:
       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -l INPUT_FILE
              File with urls, one per line.

       -q     Set wig to not prompt for user input during run

       -n STOP_AFTER
              Stop after this amount of CMSs have been detected. Default: 1

       -a     Do not stop after the first CMS is detected

       -m     Try harder to find a match without making more requests

       -u     User-agent to use in the requests

       -d     Disable the search for subdomains

       -t THREADS
              Number of threads to use

              Do not load cached responses

              Do not save the cache for later use

       -N     Shortcut for --no_cache_load and --no_cache_save

       --verbosity, -v
              Increase verbosity. Use multiple times for more info

       --proxy PROXY
              Tunnel through a proxy (format: localhost:8080)

       -w OUTPUT_FILE
              File to dump results into (JSON)


       wig was developed  by  Jesper  K├╝ckelhahn,  this  manpage  was  made  by  Samuel  Henrique
       <>  based  on  wig  --help output and can be used by other projects as