Provided by: wiipdf_1.4-2build1_amd64 bug


       wiipdf - present using xpdf and your wiimote


       wiipdf bluetooth-id pdf-file


       wiipdf  is  a  tiny  tool  to  present  a PDF using xpdf and your wiimote. You start it by
       providing it the bluetooth ID of your wiimote (use hcitool scan to get it) and the path to
       the PDF you want to present.

       wiipdf  then  tries  to connect to your wiimote (press buttons 1 and 2 at the sime time on
       your wiimote to enter discoverable mode). As soon as the connection is established  (takes
       3-4 seconds usually), wiipdf launches xpdf with the given filename.

       You can now press A or B on your wiimote to go forward one slide or go backward one slide.
       Pressing the home button on your wiimote ends the presentation. Each keypress is confirmed
       by a short rumble of your wiimote.


       wiipdf  does  not know how many slides your PDF consists of. Therefore, you can press A as
       many times as you want, even if you are at the end of the PDF. The internal slide  counter
       will just be increased.


       Michael Stapelberg <michael+wiipdf at stapelberg dot de>