Provided by: wimtools_1.13.0-1build1_amd64 bug


       wiminfo - Display or change information about a WIM file or image


       wiminfo WIMFILE [IMAGE [NEW_NAME [NEW_DESC]]] [OPTION...]


       wiminfo,  or  equivalently  wimlib-imagex  info, displays information about WIMFILE or the
       specified IMAGE in it, and optionally changes properties of IMAGE such  as  its  name  and
       description, or changes the bootable image of the WIM.

       If neither an image nor any flags other than --check are specified, then basic information
       about the WIM and the images contained in it is shown.  If an image is specified by  IMAGE
       (as  a  1-based  image index or an image name), then the information is restricted to that
       concerning the specified image.

       Changes to the WIM  are  made  if  NEW_NAME  and/or  --boot  and/or  --image-property  are
       specified.   NEW_NAME  is  taken  to be the new name of the image specified by IMAGE while
       NEW_DESC is taken to be its new description.  If  NEW_DESC  is  not  specified,  then  the
       image's description is not changed.

       wiminfo does not support modifying a split WIM, although you may display information about
       one, including any of its parts.


             Mark the specified IMAGE as the "bootable" image of the WIM.  The  "bootable"  image
             is  the image which the Windows bootloader will use when loading Windows PE from the

             Verify the integrity  of  WIM  if  it  contains  extra  integrity  information.   In
             addition,  if  modifying  the  WIM,  add  extra  integrity information if it was not
             present before.

             If modifying the WIM, remove its extra integrity information, if it had any.

             If modifying the WIM, add extra integrity information if it was not present  before,
             i.e. like --check but don't also do the verification beforehand.

       --image-property NAME=VALUE
             Assign  an arbitrary property to the specified IMAGE in the XML document of the WIM.
             NAME is an element path such as "WINDOWS/VERSION/MAJOR", and VALUE is the string  to
             place  in  the  element,  such  as  "10".   See the documentation for this option to
             wimcapture(1) for more details.  This option may be specified multiple times.

             Show detailed information from the WIM header.

             List all the "blobs" (unique file data) in the WIM.

             Extract the WIM's raw XML document to FILE.

             Extract the WIM's raw XML document to standard output.


       wimlib-imagex(1) wimdir(1)