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       winefish - LaTeX editor


       winefish [OPTION...] FILENAME


       winefish is a LaTeX editor based on bluefish. It features:

       - autotext support

       - autocompletion support

       - command collector

       - multiple encodings support

       - custom menu to define your own tags, sets of code, and dialogs

       - customizable syntax highlighting based on PCRE(3)

       - user customizable integration of latex(1), pdflatex(1),...

       - custom search and replace pattern support for the custom menu

       - wizards for startup, tables, list and others


       Mailing lists


       winefish currently supports the following options (in alphabetical order):

       -l LINENUMBER
              Set the line number the file will be opened at.

       -n { 0 | 1 }
              Open a new window (1) or not (0).

              Open the specified project file.

       -s     Skip root check.

       -h     Show this help screen.

       -v     Show the current version of winefish.


       Some configuration files are loaded into $HOME/.winefish:

              Store shorcuts for text, i.e. LaTeX blocks

              You may edit it from the autotext panel in the preferences window

              Define the contents of the custom menu

              You may edit it from the Edit custom menu item

              Define the highlighting patterns for some languages

              You may edit it from the highlighting panel in the preferences window

              Store most of the other settings defined in the preferences window

              You may modify the settings in the various panels of the preferences window

              Store a list of tags for autocompletion

              You may add tags from the autoX panel in the preferences window


       Starting winefish from the command line:

       Opening a file foo in a new window at line 100:
              winefish -n 1 -l 100 foo

       Opening a project foo in the current window:
              winefish -n 0 -p foo.wfproject


       latex(1),     pdflatex(1),     dvips(1),     dvipdfm(1),    xdvi(1),    xpdf(1),    gv(1),


       This manual page was written by Michèle Garoche <>  for  the
       Fink  distribution as the original program does not have a manual page. But it may be used
       by other distributions.

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