Provided by: hxtools_20180301-1_amd64 bug


       wktimer — work timer


       wktimer [-FHiqs] [-A name] [-D name] [-L [name]] [-S name] [-W name] [-t file]


       wktimer  provides  a  small timestamping utility with second-granularity. Useful to record
       your time as a Consultant.


       -A name
              Create timer or restamp an existing timer's start time.

       -D name
              Delete given timer.

       -F     Flush timer table (delete all timers).

       -H     Do not show header when printing the table with -L.

       -L [name]
              List specific timer (or all timers if no name given).

       -S name
              Stop timer or restamp existing timer's stop time.

       -W name
              Switch to timer (deactive all timers and resume given timer).

       -i     Show I-Start when printing the table with -L.

       -q     Be quiet.

       -s     Show Cumulative and Elapsed time in seconds.

       -t file
              Use timer file (rather than ~/.timers).


       Restamping the start mark of a timer will add the elapsed time to the cumulative count.

       Restamping the stop mark of a timer will extend the elapsed  time  (and  thus,  cumulative
       time) to "now".

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