Provided by: wm-icons_0.4.0-10_all bug


       wm-icons-config - show and set configuration for wm-icons


       wm-icons-config [options] NAME [ICON_SET] ...


       This  show wm-icons package configuration, and the list of installed icon sets. It also is
       used to set aliases to icon-sets in system or user space. In the synopsis above,  NAME  is
       icon alias name, ICON_SET is icon set directory (for example: mini 16x16-default). If NAME
       already exists as an alias, it is not overwritten, unless the  --force  option  is  given.
       Explicit  NAMEs  override  --defaults.   Just  the  alias  names are given for --which and
       --remove options.


   Informational options: display info and exit
       --help Print a short usage message

              Show version number and exit

              Show wm-icons installed icon directory and exit

              Show wm-icons user icon directory and exit

              Show default aliases and exit

              Show the aliases currently present. One of --global, --personal, --user-dir must be

              Show a list of installed icon sets

   Directory selection options: precisely one of these must be given
              Set up global (system-wide) links in the base dir

              Set up personal links in ~/.wm-icons

              Set up links in USER_DIR

   Choice of links: at least one of these must be given
              Set up default aliases, as shown by --show-defaults

   Extra options
              Remove the symlinks rather than creating them, return (0, 1)

              Show the icon set for the given alias(es), return (0, 1)

              Do not output results of alias manipulating to stdout

              Force overwriting of existing symlinks


       None known.


       Mikhael Goikhman <migo (at)> and others (see file AUTHORS).

       This  manual page was initially written by Manoj Srivastava <>, for the
       Debian GNU/Linux system.

                                           09-Apr-2006                         WM-ICONS-CONFIG(1)