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       wmacpi - Battery status monitor for systems supporting ACPI


       wmacpi-cli - Query battery status for systems supporting ACPI


       wmacpi [ -c value ] [ -d display ] [ -m battery no ] [ -s sample rate ] [ -f ] [ -v ] [ -n
       ] [ -x ] [ -a samples ] [ -v ] [ -h ]

       wmacpi-cli [ -a samples ] [ -V ] [ -v ] ] -b ] [ -r ] [ -h ]


       This manual page documents briefly the wmacpi command.

       wmacpi is a program that displays the current battery status in a WindowMaker dock app, on
       systems  that  support  Intel's  Advanced  Configuration and Power Interface specification

       The program monitors a battery, displaying its current percentage charge via a bar  and  a
       numeric  value.  It  also  displays  the  current  power  status  for the system, the time
       remaining (calculated based on the remaining battery capacity  and  the  current  rate  of
       power usage), and a scrolling message with some hopefully useful information.

       Clicking on the window cycles through the batteries that the ACPI system knows about.

       wmacpi-cli  queries  the battery status from the command line. It prints the power status,
       the percentage remaining for each battery found, and the time remaining if the  system  is
       on  battery,  or the time remaining for each battery to reach full charge if the batteries
       are charging.



       -c, --critical=percentage
              Set critical low alarm at <percentage>% (default: 10%).

       -d, --display=display
              Set the X display to open the window on.

       -m, --battery=battery number
              Set the battery to monitor initially.

       -s, --sample-rate=sample rate
              Set the rate at which to sample the ACPI data,  in  number  of  times  per  minute.
              Minimum is 1, ie once a minute, default is 20, maximum is 600.

       -n, --no-blink
              Disable  blinking  power  glyph  when  charging. Note that it still blinks when the
              battery reports its capacity state as critical.

       -f, --force-capacity-mode
              Force the use of capacity mode for calculating time  remaining.  By  defalt  wmacpi
              will  use  the  reported values of remaining capacity and present rate to calculate
              the time remaining on battery. This flag  will  force  the  use  of  the  remaining
              capacity  and  time  samples to calculate the present rate of drain, and from there
              the time remaining. Note that this mode of calculation generally  underreports  the
              time  remaining.  This  mode  works  around  certain buggy ACPI BIOSes that fail to
              report the current rate.

       -x, --cmdline
              Run wmacpi in command line mode - this operates identically to wmacpi-cli.

       -a, --samples=samples
              Average the time remaining over num samples. This greatly improves the accuracy  of
              the reported time remaining.

       -V, --verbosity=num
              Increase  the  verbosity  of  the program. Setting this to 1 will print extra error
              information; 2 will produce informational output; 3 will produce copious  debugging

       -v, --version
              Print the version information.

       -r, --no-scroll
              Disable scrolling message.

       -h, --help
              Display help.


       -a num Average  the time remaining over num samples. This greatly improves the accuracy of
              the reported time remaining.

       -V     Increase the verbosity of the program. If repeated,  the  result  is  the  same  as
              setting --verbosity for wmacpi to the number of repetitions.

       -v     Print the version information.

       -h     Display help.


       wmacpi  was  originally  written by Tim Copperfield <>, then completely
       rewritten after 1.34 by Simon Fowler <>.

       This manual page was originally written by Simon Richter <> for  the  Debian
       GNU/Linux system, and then updated by Simon Fowler.
       Last modification by Simon Fowler <>, 2007-07-13.

                                           July 13 2007                                 WMACPI(1)