Provided by: wmanager_0.2.2-4_amd64 bug


     wmanagerrc-update — update your wmanager settings automatically




     The wmanagerrc-update program creates or updates the ~/.wmanagerrc file with a list of X11
     window managers currently installed on the system.  On systems that do not have a convention
     for registering X window managers, wmanagerrc-update simply copies the contents of the
     ~/.wmanagerrc.user file to ~/.wmanagerrc.

     On systems that register the installed X window managers, the wmanagerrc-update program adds
     all of them to the wmanager(1) configuration so that they are available soon after
     installation.  Currently, only Debian GNU/Linux and similar systems that use the
     update-alternaties(8) mechanism are supported.  Locally installed window managers and things
     not registered as alternatives for x-window-manager(1) can be added to the file
     ~/.wmanagerrc.user in the .wmanagerrc format; see the wmanager(1) README file, usually
     /usr/share/doc/wmanager/README.gz, for more information.  The wmanagerrc-update program uses
     the entries first from ~/.wmanagerrc.user, then from the the registered window managers, in
     the order of update-alternatives(8) priorities.  You can override this by listing entries in
     wanted order in ~/.wmanagerrc.order, separated by whitespace.


     Concurrent wmanagerrc-update processes may clobber the .wmanagerrc file.


     wmanager(1), wmanager-loop(1), update-alternatives(8)


     The wmanagerrc-update program was written by Tommi Virtanen in 2000 and later modified by
     Peter Pentchev.  This manual page was originally written in perldoc format by Tommi Virtanen
     in 2000, and converted to mdoc format and updated by Peter Pentchev in 2008.


     Tommi Virtanen ⟨⟩
     Peter Pentchev ⟨