Provided by: wmgtemp_1.2-2_amd64 bug


       wmgtemp - Temperature sensor dock app for Window Maker


       wmgtemp [options]


       wmgtemp  is  a  dock-app  for  Window  Maker  that graphically displays the CPU and System
       temperatures using the lm_sensors package. It displays  the  CPU  and  System  temperature
       values,  a  scaling  graph  of  temperature  history,  high-temperature warning lights and
       temperatures in degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin.

       The temperature graph is auto scaling, meaning that if the max or min temperature boundary
       is crossed the graph will be scaled to display the temperature. A red line marks the upper
       boundary whereas a blue line indicates the lower boundary. When all the temperatures being
       displayed are within the boundaries the graph will be scaled back to the preset values for
       min/max and the boundary indicator lines will be removed.

       The high temperature warning lights located on the left of the temperature type indicators
       show  amber  or red when the warning or high temperatures are reached respectively. Normal
       operating temperature is indicated by no light.


       -h, --help
              display the usage information

       -s, --scale=SCALE
              show temperatures using  SCALE  temperature  scale.  SCALE=celcius,  fahrenheit  or
              Default: celcius

       -S, --sensorconf=PATH
              specify the PATH to the lm_sensors config
              Default: /etc/sensors.conf

       -g, --graph=STYLE
              display graph as STYLE. STYLE=line or block.
              Default: line

       -H, --high=TEMP
              display red warning light at TEMP degrees celcius.
              Default: 50

       -w, --warn=TEMP
              display amber warning light at TEMP degrees celcius.
              Default: 45

       -u, --update=SEC
              update the display every SEC seconds.
              Default: 1

       -m, --min=TEMP
              set the lower bound of the graph to TEMP degrees celcius.
              Default: 20

       -M, --max=TEMP
              set the upper bound of the graph to TEMP degrees celcius.
              Default: 35

       -1, --feature1=F1
              set the feature for CPU
              Default: temp1

       -2, --feature2=F2
              set the feature for SYS
              Default: temp2

       -c, --chip=CHIP
              specify the chip sensor to use
              Default: auto

       -a, --execat=TEMP
              execute a command at TEMP degrees celcius.
              Default: none

       -e, --exec=COMMAND
              execute COMMAND when the 'execat' temperature is reached.
              Default: none

       -t, --swap
              swap/transpose temperature values

       -q, --quiet
              Don't display any messages


       ~/.wmgtemprc   User configuration.

       The format of this file is:

              # wmgtemp example config
              exec:shutdown -h 10


       You can cycle through the graph types by clicking on the graph display area.

   High Temperature Toggle
       You  can  toggle  the  displaying of high temperatures by click on the temperature for the
       corrosponding temperature. The viewing of high temperatures is indicated by an amber arrow
       to  the left of the temperature. The current temperatures will continue to be displayed on
       the graph.

   Temperature display TOGGLE
       You may toggle  the  displaying  of  a  temperature  on  the  graph  by  clicking  on  the
       corrosponding  type.  e.g  To  toggle the display of the CPU temperature click on CPU. The
       type indicator (CPU or SYS) will disappear and the temperature will not  be  displayed  on
       the graph, although the temperature value will continue to be displayed.

   Temperature Scale Cycling
       You  may  change  the scale the temperatures are displayed in by clicking on either of the
       CPU or SYS scale indicators. The cycle order is C -> K -> F


       Blank lines in the config file cause a Segmentation Fault.


       sensors.conf(5), libsensors(3), wmaker(1x)


       wmgtemp was written by Roger Dunce <>

                                          February 2001                                wmgtemp(1)