Provided by: wmaker_0.95.8-3_amd64 bug


       wmmenugen - Window Maker PropList menu generator


       wmmenugen   [options...]    -parser=<name>   fspec   [fspec...]    [-parser=<name>   fspec


       wmmenugen generates a menu in the PropList format for Window Maker  from  the  input  file
       fspec.  In the case where fspec is a directory instead of a file, then wmmenugen will read
       all the files present in the hierarchy of this directory.


       --help, -h
              print a help message with the list of options

              specify the format of the file to be parsed

              print the version of Window Maker from which the program comes


       wmmenugen supports these file formats for input files:

              the format of the menu generation tool for X of the same name

       xdg    the format of the menu  specification  as  defined  by  the  FreeDesktop  standard,
              currently at version 1.1


       The exit status from the wmmenugen command provides information for the caller:

       0      when the PropList menu was successfully generated on stdout.

       1      when a fspec caused a problem (non readable file, ...)

       2      the arguments of the command line where not recognised

       3      the  program  met  an  unexpected  menu structure; you probably want to look at the
              section BUGS below.


       If you get the exit status 3 with the unclear error message about  unprocessed  levels  on
       the  stack, you encountered a limitation of wmmenugen.  It would be a good idea to prepare
       an archive with the files incriminated and  submit  them  to  the  mailing  list  (wmaker-  with  you  command line, so the team can work on improving the
       behaviour of the program on this case.


       wmgenmenu(1), the tool to generate a default menu

       the Wmconfig program can be found at: <>

       the xdg specification can be found  at:  <


       wmmenugen is a part of Window Maker. It was written by Tamas TEVESZ.

       This  manpage  was  written  by Rodolfo García Peñas (kix) for the Debian GNU/Linux system
       (but may be used by others).

                                           16 May 2015                               wmmenugen(1)