Provided by: python3-woo_1.0+dfsg1-2ubuntu5_amd64 bug


       ver. - manual page for ver. 1.0-1 (openmp,opengl,gts,vtk,qt4)


       usage: woo [-h] [--version] [-j THREADS] [--cores CORES] [--cl-dev CLDEV] [-n]

              [-D]  [--quirks  QUIRKS] [--flavor FLAVOR] [--batch-table BATCHTABLE] [--batch-line
              BATCHLINE]  [--batch-results  BATCHRESULTS]  [-c  COMMANDS]  [-e  EXPR]  [--paused]
              [--nice   NICE]   [-x]   [-v]   [-R]   [--test]  [--no-gdb]  [--in-gdb]  [--in-pdb]
              [--in-valgrind] [--fake-display] ...

       Woo: open-source platform for dynamic compuations,

   positional arguments:

   optional arguments:
       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit


       -j THREADS, --threads THREADS
              Number of OpenMP threads to run; unset (0) by  default,  which  means  to  use  all
              available  cores, but at most 4.  Equivalent to setting OMP_NUM_THREADS environment

       --cores CORES
              Comma-separated list of cores to use - determined number of OpenMP threads and sets
              affinity for those threads as well.

       --cl-dev CLDEV
              Numerical  couple  (comma-separated)  givin OpenCL platform/device indices. This is
              machine-dependent value

       -n     Run without graphical interface (equivalent to unsetting  the  DISPLAY  environment

       -D, --debug
              Run the debug build, if available.

       --quirks QUIRKS
              Bitmask  for  workarounds  for  broken  configurations;  all  quirks are enabled by
              default. 1: set LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 for Intel GPUs (determined  from  `lspci  |
              grep  VGA`)  (avoids GPU freeze), 2: set --in-gdb when on AMD FirePro GPUs to avoid
              crash in (only when using the fglrx driver)

       --flavor FLAVOR
              Build flavor of woo to use.

       --batch-table BATCHTABLE
              Batch table file.

       --batch-line BATCHLINE
              Batch table line.

       --batch-results BATCHRESULTS
              Batch results file.

       -c COMMANDS
              Run these python commands after the start (use -x to exit afterwards)

       -e EXPR
              Evaluate this expression (instead of loading file). It should be a scene object  or
              a preprocessor, which will be run

              When  proprocessor  or  simulation  is  given  on  the  command-line,  don't run it
              automatically (default)

       --nice NICE
              Increase nice level (i.e. decrease priority) by given number.

       -x     Exit when the script finishes

       -v     Increase logging verbosity; first occurence sets  default  logging  level  to  info
              (only available if built with log4cxx), second to debug, third to trace.

       -R, --rebuild
              Re-run  build  in  the  source  directory,  then  run the updated woo with the same
              command line except --rebuild. The build flavor  for  this  build  and  its  stored
              parameters  will  be  used.  If  given  twice,  update  from the repository will be
              attempted before recompilation.

       --test Run regression test suite and exit; the exists status is 0 if all tests pass, 1  if
              a test fails and 2 for an unspecified exception.

              Do not show backtrace when Woo crashes (only effective with \-\-debug).

              Run Woo inside gdb (must be in $PATH).

              Run Woo inside pdb

              Run inside valgrind (must be in $PATH); automatically adds python ignore files

              Allow  importing  the  woo.qt4 module without initializing Qt4. This is only useful
              for generating documentation and should not be used otherwise.


       The full documentation for ver.  is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If the info and  ver.
       programs are properly installed at your site, the command

              info ver.

       should give you access to the complete manual.