Provided by: worker_3.15.4-1_amd64 bug


       worker - file manager for the X Window System


       worker [options]
       worker [directory1[ directory2]]


       worker  is  a  graphical file manager for the X Window System.  It uses the classical two-
       panel view of the files and directories.   It  has  many  internal  operations  while  any
       external program can also be used for operating on the selected items.
       You can easily add actions to filetypes or buttons with the builtin configuration program.
       For details read the documentation available at the Worker homepage (see below).


       -h, --help
              This shows a little help about options and quits immediately

       -V, --version
              This shows the program version

       -c, --config=<path>
              Use given path for configuration data

              Override global XIM setting to use simple method

       Any other argument will be interpreted as directory to show on the left side.
       A second argument can be a directory to show on the right side.


       SIGUSR1  causes Worker to stop executing the command list, useful when stuck in an endless


              overrides the editor used by Worker in the default configuration.



              Worker's default configuration directory (can be changed with -c argument).


              Worker's configuration.


              left and right list view configuration settings.


              List of stored bookmarks and their categories (labels).


              Probability database to suggest best bookmark entry for a given filter string.


              List of directories visited in the past. Feature must be enabled in the  path  jump


              Probability database to suggest best path jump entry for a given filter string.


              List of filters used for select list view entries based on a pattern.


              contains  the  latest  Worker  version  run on this account. Used for importing new
              config examples when updating Worker.


              Probability database to suggest best command menu entry for a given filter string.


              Filters previously applied to the list view.


              Commands previously executed in the startprog command.


              List of volumes to ignore in the volume manager. Can be configured  in  the  volume
              manager UI.


              Special  file  telling worker to use a fallback X input method if this file exists.
              Used in case the keyboard is stuck. Argument --override_xim can be used  to  change
              this behavior.


       This  program is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License V2 or later
       as published by the Free Software Foundation.


       The latest version and online documentation can be found at


       Ralf Hoffmann <>