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       wrapper - Jar daemon wrapper


       wrapper [<command>] [<configuration file>] [<configuration properties>]

       where <command> can be one of:

       -c --console
              run as a Console application

       -v --version
              print the wrapper's version information.

       -? --help
              print this help message

       -- <args>
               mark  the  end  of Wrapper arguments.  All arguments after the '--' will be passed
              through unmodified to the java application.

       <configuration file> is the wrapper.conf to use.  The filename must either be absolute  or
       relative to the location of wrapper

       <configuration  properties>  are  configuration name-value pairs which override values  in
       wrapper.conf.  For example:

       Please note that any file references must be either absolute or relative to  the  location
       of the wrapper executable.

       This  manual  page  was  written  by  RĂ©mi  Debay  <> and Kill Your TV

                                            12/24/2012                             javawrapper(1)