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wxGUI Interactive Scatter Plot Tool


       display, GUI, imagery, scatter plot


       Interactive  Scatter  Plot  Tool  allows  analyzing  group  of  raster  maps.  The tool is
       integrated into Supervised Classification Tool (see the screen shot below).   Also  it  is
       possible  to  launch  it  from Map Display Window (Analyze map → Interactive Scatter
       Plot Tool).  The main idea of the tool is that  everything  is  linked  together  (scatter
       plots together and mapwindow with the scatter plots).  The main feature of the tool is the
       interactivity, which allows user to:

           ·   work with multiple plots, which represents multiple raster bands combinations,

           ·   highlight plotted points in open  scatter  plots  according  to  currently  chosen
               pixels   for  classes  by  it’s  training  areas  (supported  only  in  Supervised
               Classification Tool),

           ·   be able to define areas in plots and the tool will highlight pixels in map display
               window and corresponding points in other plots,

           ·   plot of confidence ellipses.


       If  editing  mode  is  activated (the green polygon tool in toolbar), the areas which were
       selected in the scatter plots are highlighted. In the image you  can  see  this  area  for
       scatter plot of bands B_6, B_7 inside the ellipse.  Opacity and color of the selected area
       can be set in settings. The area corresponds to the active class (in  this  case  clouds).
       Selected areas are subset of areas, which belongs to the category.

       In  the  editing  mode  it is possible to select certain area by the polygon, which can be
       created and edited by tools in editing toolbar.   After  the  area  is  selected,  we  can
       include  or  exclude  it into active category by clicking on the first (plus) respectively
       second (minus) tool in the editing toolbar. In mapwindow corresponding pixels are shown by
       the  class  raster  representing  selected areas in scatter plots. In this case we can see
       clouds class raster (blue), forest class raster (green) and water class raster (red).


       The tool can analyze only integer (CELL) rasters.  It works with  8  bit  range  smoothly.
       The  tool  is capable of processing data up to 12 bit range, however it is not recommended
       open many scatter plots in 12/11 bit mode.  It could require significant amount of  memory
       and  plot rendering time can be longer.  Analyzing of raster data with higher range is not
       recommended.  The raster range can be lowered using r.rescale.


       Selection of areas in mapwindow is currently supported only if the tool was launched  from
       Supervised Classification Tool.


       wxGUI components, r.rescale

       See also the user wiki page.


       Stepan Turek, Google Summer of Code 2013 (mentor: Martin Landa)

       $Date: 2018-10-14 21:39:26 +0200 (Sun, 14 Oct 2018) $


       Available at: wxGUI Interactive Scatter Plot Tool source code (history)

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