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wxGUI Vector Network Analysis Tool


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       Vector  Network Analysis Tool is graphical front-end for* modules. It allows perform
       network analysis directly in wxGUI without need to use  command  line.  The  tool  can  be
       launched  from  Layer  Manager menu Vector → Network analysis → Vector network
       analysis tool or from Map Display toolbar Analyse map → Vector network analysis tool

       Subsets for nearest centers (

       Vector Network Analysis Tool currently allows you to:

           ·   perform these network analyses:

               ·   Shortest path (

               ·   Salesman (

               ·   Flow (

               ·   Allocate subnets for nearest centers (

               ·   Steiner tree for the network and given terminals (

               ·   Splits net by cost isolines (

           ·   show  and  set all data needed for the analysis (points, attribute tables, compute

           ·   show analysis results (maps and it’s attribute tables)

           ·   snapping to nodes

           ·   browse previous analysis results


       The tool is split into tabs. Every tab represents some functionality:

       Parameters tab
           It is used for setting vector map and it’s layer on which analysis will be done.  Also
           it  is  possible  to  set  columns  with cost values from attribute table connected to
           particular layer.

       Points tab
           It manages points, which are used for analysis.

       Output tab
           There is a output console, which shows information about running analysis.

       Input tables tab
           When existing vector map and it’s existing layers are set in Parameters tab, this  tab
           is  dynamically  added.  It  shows attribute tables of node and arc layers, which were
           chosen for analysis. It is also possible to compute cost values in this tab. This  can
           be  done by right mouse button click on column label. Then from pop-up menu choose Add
           column, where new column for cost values can be created. After  that  by  right  mouse
           button  click on the added column label can be chosen item Field calculator. This tool
           computes cost values.

       Result tables tab
           The result of vector network analysis is always a  vector  map.  Some  vector  network
           analysis  results  can  also include attribute tables. If such a table is connected to
           the result map, this tab is shown and with it you can browse the data.


       When some change is done in layer tree of Map Display, temporary vector  map  representing
       result of analysis is not rendered (use Show result button in toolbar to render it again).


       wxGUI components

       See list of vector network modules.

       See also the user wiki page including video tutorial.


       Stepan Turek, Google Summer of Code 2012 (mentor: Martin Landa)

       $Date: 2018-10-14 21:39:26 +0200 (Sun, 14 Oct 2018) $


       Available at: wxGUI Vector Network Analysis Tool source code (history)

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