Provided by: wmaker-utils_0.95.8-3_amd64 bug


       wxpaste - output a cutbuffer to stdout


       wxpaste [options]


       wxpaste  outputs  the  contents  of  the specified cutbuffer to stdout. If no cutbuffer is
       specified, the cutbuffer 0 will be used as default.


       --cutbuffer number
              The data will be pasted from the specified cutbuffer, instead of the default 0.

       -display display-name
              Specifies the display where wxpaste should look for the data to be pasted.

       --help print a help message with the list of options.

       --selection [selection-name]
              The data will be copied from the named selection. If  cutting  from  the  selection
              fails,  the  cutbuffer  will  be  used. The default value for the selection name is

              print the version of Window Maker from which the program comes.


       When used without a selection name, the --selection option must  be  the  last  one.   The
       syntax could be cleaned, but backwards compatibility prevents that...

       INCR  and  MULTIPLE selection types are not handled. Actually, only simple text selections
       are handled, which should be enough for most uses of a utility such as this.


       wxcopy(1), wmaker(1)


       This man page was written by Marcelo Magallon <>.

       Window Maker was written by Alfredo K. Kojima <>.

                                            March 1998                                 wxpaste(1)