Provided by: xastir_2.1.0-3_amd64 bug


       xastir_udp_client - send simple messages to xastir for APRS(tm) network.


       xastir_udp_client <hostname> <port> <callsign> <passcode> {-identify | [-to_rf] <message>}


       xastir_udp_client sends packets into the UDP listening port of an enabled xastir instance.


        xastir_udp_client localhost 2023 <callsign> <passcode> "APRS Packet Goes Here"

       Currently  that  will inject the packet into Xastir's decoding routines and send it to any
       TCP-connected clients. It will also igate it to the INET if you have igating enabled.   It
       will  send the packet out the RF ports as third-party packets only if you add the "-to_rf"
       flag after the passcode like this:

        xastir_udp_client localhost 2023 <callsign> <passcode> -to_rf "APRS Packet"

       The UDP client is useful for generating and injecting APRS packets from external  scripts.
       It  can  also  be  used  to  fetch  the  callsign of the remote xastir server by using the
       -identify flag:

        xastir_udp_client localhost 2023 <callsign> <passcode> -identify


       This is a very simple utility that provides no validation of message content.


       xastir help file

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       Copyright (C) 1999,2000 Frank Giannandrea KC2GJS
       Copyright (C) 2000-2018 The Xastir Group