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       Xdx - TCP/IP DX-cluster client for Amateur Radio


       xdx [-c cty.dat] [-h] [-V]


       Xdx  is a DX-cluster client for the X Window System which shows a list of DX announcements
       and a separate list of WWV, WCY, “To ALL” and  other  server  messages  in  a  single  X11
       window.   Xdx  uses the telnet protocol to connect to a DX-Cluster host via TCP/IP.  While
       host connections are most commonly made via the Internet, any medium capable  of  carrying
       TCP/IP,  such  as  packet  radio,  may be used.  Host connection details are saved between


       The following options are recognized by Xdx.

       -c cty.dat, --cty_dat=cty.dat
              Load a desired country data file.

              Country data files are used to determine the DX Century Club (DXCC) entity shown in
              the  Country  column.   Updated  country files are available from
              ⟨⟩ Although a country file is installed  as
              a  part  of  Xdx,  it will quickly become out of date as updates are made available
              frequently.  Announcments of udpated country files are  sent  to  the  Xdx  mailing
              list.  See the BUGS section below for the mailing list address.

              See  the  ENVIRONMENT  and  FILES  sections  below  for other methods of loading an
              updated country file.

       -h, --help
              Print short Xdx usage message detailing available options and exit.

       -V, --version
              Print Xdx version and short copyright information then exit.


              If $XDX_CTY is set, its value is the location of the cty.dat file.   Using  the  -c
              option overrides this environment variable.


              Xdx  will  load  the  country  file  found  in  the preferences directory, normally
              $HOME/.xdx, if the -c option is not given or the XDX_CTY  environment  variable  is
              not  set.  This is a convenient way to keep an up-to-date or custom cty.dat for use
              just with Xdx.


       Xdx has a new maintainer, Nate Bargmann, N0NB.

       Development is currently hosted at GitHUb ⟨⟩

       Xdx has been translated into several languages.  More translations  are  welcome.   Please
       contact the maintainer to contribute.


       Please      report      bugs      to      xdxcluster-client-discuss     ⟨xdxclusterclient-


       From the menu, select Help->Manual after starting Xdx for a full manual.