Provided by: mozilla-devscripts_0.53_all bug


       xpi-repack - repack a xpi file into a tarball


       xpi-repack [options] xpi-file


       xpi-repack  is  a  helper tool for packaging XUL extensions. It repacks the given xpi file
       into a proper tarball that can be used as source tarball for the Debian  package.   It  is
       designed to work with uscan. Here is an example for debian/watch:

       version=3<id>/<package>-([\d\.]+)-.*\.xpi  debian xpi-


       -h, --help
              Display a brief help message.

       -p package, --package=package
              The package name will be used for naming the resulting tarball. If  this  parameter
              is not provided, the source package name in debian/control will be used.

       -u version, --upstream-version=version
              The version will be used for naming the resulting tarball. You have to specify this

       -f compression, --format=compression
              The specified format will be used  for  compressing  the  resulting  tarball.   The
              formats  bz2,  gz,  and xz are supported. When the parameter is omitted, xz will be
              used for "3.0 (quilt)" source packages and gz for all other source package types.

       -v, --verbose
              Print more information.


       Benjamin Drung <>