Provided by: xml-security-c-utils_2.0.2-3_amd64 bug


       xmlsec-checksig - Check a signature embedded in an XML file


       xmlsec-checksig [-s] [-h string] [-x] [-d ns-uri name]
           [-i] [--id name] input


       xmlsec-checksig checks a digital signature embedded in an XML file using the Apache XML
       Security for C++ library.  It reads the XML document to check from the provided input file
       and expects the signature to follow the XML Digital Signature and Encryption


       Note that each option must be given as a separate argument.

       --hmackey string, -h string
           Use the HMAC key specified by string.

       --id name
           Use the attribute id with name name.  To also specify the namespace, use --idns

       --idns ns-uri name, -d ns-uri name
           Use the attribute id specified by the namespace URI ns-uri and the name name.

       --interop, -i
           Use the interop resolver for the Baltimore interop examples.

       --skiprefs, -s
           Skip checking references and only check the signature.

       --xsecresolver, -x
           Use the Apache XML Security for C++ test XMLDSig URI resolver.


       xmlsec-checksig exits with status 0 if the signature is valid and with status 1 if the
       signature is not valid.  If it cannot process the input file for some reason, it exits
       with status 2.


       This manual page was written by Russ Allbery for Debian.


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