Provided by: xml-security-c-utils_2.0.2-3_amd64 bug


       xmlsec-xtest - Perform run-time tests of the XML Security library


       xmlsec-xtest [--help] [-p]


       xmlsec-xtest performs a set of run-time tests against the Apache XML Security for C++
       library.  This is rarely of interest to a user of the library, but it can be used as a
       sanity check to ensure that the library is working properly.


       Note that the single-character options must still occur as separate options on the command
       line.  In other words, -pe to specify both the -p and -e options is not allowed.

           Print out usage information and exit.

       --print-docs, -p
           Print out the test documents while running each test.

       --encryption-only, -e
       --encryption-unit-only, -u
       --signature-only, -s
       --signature-unit-only, -t
       --xkms-only, -x
           By default, xmlsec-xtest runs all of the tests.  One of these options may be specified
           to run only that set of tests.  All of these options are mutually exclusive; at most
           one of them should be specified.


       This manual page was written by Russ Allbery for Debian.


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