Provided by: xtrkcad_5.1.1-2_amd64 bug


       xtrkcad - model railroad track CAD program


       This  manual page documents briefly the xtrkcad command.  This manual page was written for
       the Debian GNU/Linux distribution (but may  be  used  by  others),  because  the  original
       program did not have a manual page.

       xtrkcad is a program that can be used to design a model railroad layout.

       For   more   information   on   xtrkcad,   go   read   the   online   documentation  under


       The xtrkcad program was originally a product  of  Sillub.   See  for  more
       information.  It is now maintained by a community effort on SourceForge.


       This  (incredibly  lame)  manual page was written by Bdale Garbee <>, for the
       Debian GNU/Linux system.