Provided by: xxhash_0.6.5-3_amd64 bug


       xxhsum - print or check xxHash non-cryptographic checksums


       xxhsum [<OPTION>] ... [<FILE>] ...
       xxhsum -b [<OPTION>] ...

       xxh32sum is equivalent to xxhsum -H0
       xxh64sum is equivalent to xxhsum -H1


       Print or check xxHash (32 or 64bit) checksums. When FILE is -, read standard input.

       xxhsum  supports a command line syntax similar but not identical to md5sum(1). Differences
       are: xxhsum doesn´t have text/binary mode switch (-b, -t); xxhsum always  treats  file  as
       binary file; xxhsum has hash bit width switch (-H);

       As  xxHash  is  a fast non-cryptographic checksum algorithm, xxhsum should not be used for
       security related purposes.

       xxhsum -b invokes benchmark mode. See OPTIONS and EXAMPLES for details.


       -V, --version
              Display xxhsum version

              Hash selection. HASHTYPE means 0=32bits, 1=64bits. Default value is 1 (64bits)

              Set output hexadecimal checksum value as  little  endian  convention.  By  default,
              value is displayed as big endian.

       -h, --help
              Display help and exit

       The following four options are useful only when verifying checksums (-c)

       -c, --check
              Read xxHash sums from the FILEs and check them

              Exit non-zero for improperly formatted checksum lines

              Don´t print OK for each successfully verified file

              Don´t output anything, status code shows success

       -w, --warn
              Warn about improperly formatted checksum lines

       The following options are useful only benchmark purpose

       -b     Benchmark mode. See EXAMPLES for details.

              Only  useful for benchmark mode (-b). See EXAMPLES for details. BLOCKSIZE specifies
              benchmark mode´s test data block size in bytes. Default value is 102400

              Only useful for benchmark mode (-b). See EXAMPLES for details. ITERATIONS specifies
              number   of   iterations  in  benchmark.  Single  iteration  takes  at  least  2500
              milliseconds. Default value is 3


       xxhsum exit 0 on success, 1 if at least one file couldn´t be read or doesn´t have the same
       checksum as the -c option.


       Output xxHash (64bit) checksum values of specific files to standard output

           $ xxhsum -H1 foo bar baz

       Output  xxHash (32bit and 64bit) checksum values of specific files to standard output, and
       redirect it to xyz.xxh32 and qux.xxh64

           $ xxhsum -H0 foo bar baz > xyz.xxh32
           $ xxhsum -H1 foo bar baz > qux.xxh64

       Read xxHash sums from specific files and check them

           $ xxhsum -c xyz.xxh32 qux.xxh64

       Benchmark xxHash algorithm for 16384 bytes data in  10  times.  xxhsum  benchmarks  xxHash
       algorithm  for 32-bit and 64-bit and output results to standard output. First column means
       algorithm, second column is source data size in bytes, last column means  hash  generation
       speed in mega-bytes per seconds.

           $ xxhsum -b -i10 -B16384


       Report bugs at:


       Yann Collet