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       yosys - Yosys Open SYnthesis Suite


       yosys [options] <infile>


       This manual page documents briefly the yosys command.

       yosys is a program that synthesizes RTL to gate-level logic.


       A summary of options is included below.

       -Q     suppress printing of banner (copyright, disclaimer, version)

       -T     suppress printing of footer (log hash, version, timing statistics)

       -q     quiet  operation. only write error message to console use this option twice to also
              quiet warning messages

       -v <level>
              print log headers up to level <level> to the console. (implies -q)

       -t     annotate all log messages with a time stamp

       -d     print more detailed timing stats at exit

       -l logfile
              write log messages to the specified file

       -L logfile
              like -l but open log file in line buffered mode

       -o outfile
              write the design to the specified file on exit

       -b backend
              use this backend for the output file specified on the command line

       -f frontend
              use the specified frontend for the input files on the command line

       -H     print the command list

       -h command
              print the help message for the specified command

       -s scriptfile
              execute the commands in the script file

       -c tcl_scriptfile
              execute the commands in the tcl script file (see 'help tcl' for details)

       -p command
              execute the commands

       -m module_file
              load the specified module (aka plugin)

       -X     enable tracing of core data structure changes. for debugging

       -M     will slightly randomize allocated pointer addresses. for debugging

       -A     will call abort() at the end of the script. for debugging

       -D <header_id>[:<filename>]
              dump  the  design  when  printing   the   specified   log   header   to   a   file.
              yosys_dump_<header_id>.il  is  used as filename if none is specified.  Use 'ALL' as
              <header_id> to dump at every header.

       -W regex
              if a warning message matches the regex, it is printed as regular message instead.

       -e regex
              if a warning message matches the regex, it is printed as error message instead  and
              the tool terminates with a nonzero return code.

       -V     print version information and exit

       -E depsfile
              write a Makefile dependencies file with in- and output file names

       -S     The  option  -S  is  an  alias  for  the  "synth"  command,  a  default  script for
              transforming the Verilog input to a gate-level netlist. For example:

                  yosys -o output.blif -S input.v


       For more complex synthesis jobs it is recommended to use the read_* and  write_*  commands
       in a script file instead of specifying input and output files on the command line.

       When  no  commands,  script  files or input files are specified on the command line, yosys
       automatically enters  the  interactive  command  mode.  Use  the  'help'  command  to  get
       information on the individual commands.


       berkeley-abc(1), yosys-config(1), yosys-filterlib(1)


       yosys was written by Clifford Wolf <>.

       This  manual  page  was written by Ruben Undheim <>, for the Debian
       project (and may be used by others).

                                         October 17, 2018                                YOSYS(1)