Provided by: mjpegtools_2.1.0+debian-5_amd64 bug


       yuvycsnoise - Noise filter specialized for NTSC Y/C separation noise


       yuvycsnoise  [-t] [-m t|b|i|c] [-S MIN] [-T ERRT[,MAXT]] [-B ERRB[,MAXB]] [-I ERRI[,MAXI]]
       [-C ERRC[,MAXC]]


       If video capture hardware has only a poor Y/C separator, at  vertical  stripe  (especially
       red/blue),  noises  appear  which  seem  checker  flag and bright/dark invert per 1 frame.
       yuvycsnoise reduces noises of this type.


       yuvycsnoise accepts the following options:

       -t      test. Instead of noise reduction, noises will be marked as black pixel.

       -m METHOD
               (default: tbic).
               Select method.  METHOD is string in which each character mean method.
                t: 'triframe' method of luma noise reduction.
                b: 'biframe' method of luma noise reduction.
                i: 'infield' method of luma noise reduction.
                c: chroma noise reduction. use 3 frames as 'triframe'.

       -S MIN  (default: 4).
               Set minimum threshold of luma/chroma difference which is treated as noise.

       -T ERRT[,MAXT]
               (default: 32,255).

       -B ERRB[,MAXB]
               (default: 32,255).

       -I ERRI[,MAXI]
               (default: 16,255).

       -C ERRC[,MAXC]
               (default: 12,255).
               Set threshold of luma/chroma difference of each methods.  ERRx is maximum error of
               luma/chroma  of pixels around target pixel, which should be same if target contain
               noise.  MAXx is maximum threshold of luma/chroma difference of target  pixel  from
               luma/chroma after noise reduced.


       yuvycsnoise was written by Kawamata/Hitoshi.
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