Provided by: zynaddsubfx_3.0.3-1_amd64 bug


       zynaddsubfx - a software synthesizer


       zynaddsubfx [OPTIONS]


       zynaddsubfx is a polyphonic multimbral synthesizer, which supports three synthesis engines
       and numerous effects to generate sound.

       1) ADsynth generates sounds by adding a number of voices. Each voice has filters,
       envelopes, LFOs, morphing, modulation (Ring Modulation, Phase Modulation... the modulators
       can have any shape), resonance, etc... Each voice includes a waveform generator with up to
       128 sine/non-sine harmonics. You can use Fourier synthesis or if you don’t like it you can
       wave-shaping/filtering of functions.

       2) SUBsynth is a simple engine which makes sounds through harmonic filtering of white

       3) PADsynth is an engine that makes very beautiful pads and other instruments, which can
       be exported for use with other programs.

       Midi and audio support exists for OSS, ALSA, JACK, and others...


       -h, --help
           Display command-line help and exit

       -v, --version
           Display version and exit

       -l, --load=FILE
           Loads a .xmz file

       -L, --load-instrument=FILE
           Loads a .xiz file

       -r --sample-rate=SR
           Set the sample rate SR

       -b, --buffer-size=SR
           Set the buffer size, which determines the granularity of how often parameter changes
           can be applied

       -o, --oscil-size=OS
           Set the ADsynth oscillator size

       -S, --swap
           Swap Left and Right output channels

       -D, --dump
           Dumps midi note ON/OFF commands

       -U, --no-gui
           Run ZynAddSubFX without user interface

       -N, --named=Name
           Postfix IO Name when possible

       -a, --auto-connect
           AutoConnect when using JACK

       -O, --output=engine
           Set Output Engine

       -I, --input=engine
           Set Input Engine

       -e, --exec-after-init=command
           Run post-initialization script. This script will be run after midi and audio drivers
           have been initialized.

       -M, --midi-learn=FILE
           Load a midi learn binding (.xlz) file.


       Please report any bugs to either the mailing list
       or the bugtracker


       ZynAddSubFX was originally written by Nasca Octavian Paul. It is currently being
       maintained by Mark McCurry.

                                            12/09/2017                             ZYNADDSUBFX(1)