Provided by: libcpan-mini-inject-perl_0.35-1_all bug


       CPAN::Mini::Inject::Config - Config for CPAN::Mini::Inject


       Version 0.35

   "config_file( [FILE] )"
       loadcfg accepts a CPAN::Mini::Inject config file or if not defined will search the
       following four places in order:

       ·   file pointed to by the environment variable MCPANI_CONFIG

       ·   $HOME/.mcpani/config

       ·   /usr/local/etc/mcpani

       ·   /etc/mcpani

       loadcfg sets the instance variable cfgfile to the file found or undef if none is found.

        print "$mcpi->{cfgfile}\n"; # /etc/mcpani

       parsecfg reads the config file stored in the instance variable cfgfile and creates a hash
       in config with each setting.

         $mcpi->{config}{remote} # CPAN sites to mirror from.

       parsecfg expects the config file in the following format:

        local: /www/CPAN
        repository: /work/mymodules
        passive: yes
        dirmode: 0755

       Description of options:

       ·   local

           location to store local CPAN::Mini mirror (*REQUIRED*)

       ·   remote

           CPAN site(s) to mirror from. Multiple sites can be listed space separated.

       ·   repository

           Location to store modules to add to the local CPAN::Mini mirror.

       ·   passive

           Enable passive FTP.

       ·   dirmode

           Set the permissions of created directories to the specified mode. The default value is
           based on umask if supported.

       If either local or remote are not defined parsecfg croaks.

   "get( DIRECTIVE )"
       Return the value for the named configuration directive.

   "set( DIRECTIVE, VALUE )"
       Sets the value for the named configuration directive.


       Christian Walde "<>"


       Please report any bugs or feature requests to "", or
       through the web interface at <>.  I will be notified, and then you'll
       automatically be notified of progress on your bug as I make changes.