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       CSS::DOM::Style - CSS style declaration class for CSS::DOM


       Version 0.17


         use CSS::DOM::Style;

         $style = CSS::DOM::Style::parse(' text-decoration: none ');

         $style->cssText; # returns 'text-decoration: none'
         $style->cssText('color: blue'); # replace contents

         $style->getPropertyValue('color'); # 'blue'
         $style->color;                     # same
         $style->setProperty(color=>'green'); # change it
         $style->color('green');              # same


       This module provides the CSS style declaration class for CSS::DOM. (A style declaration is
       what comes between the braces in "p { margin: 0 }".)  It implements the
       CSSStyleDeclaration DOM interface.


       CSS::DOM::Style::parse( $string )
       CSS::DOM::Style::parse( $string, property_parser => $parser )
           This parses the $string and returns a new style declaration object. This is useful if
           you have text from an HTML "style" attribute, for instance.

           For details on $property_parser, see CSS::DOM::PropertyParser.

       new CSS::DOM::Style $owner_rule
       new CSS::DOM::Style owner => $owner_rule, property_parser => $p
           You don't normally need to call this, but, in case you do, here it is.  $owner_rule,
           which is optional, is expected to be a CSS::DOM::Rule object, or a subclass like


       cssText ( $new_value )
           Returns the body of this style declaration (without the braces). If you pass an
           argument, it will parsed and replace the existing CSS data.

       getPropertyValue ( $name )
           Returns the value of the named CSS property as a string.

       getPropertyCSSValue ( $name )
           Returns an object representing the property's value.  (See CSS::DOM::Value.)

       removeProperty ( $name )
           Removes the named property, returning its value.

           Returns the property's priority. This is usually the empty string or the word

       setProperty ( $name, $value, $priority )
           Sets the CSS property named $name, giving it a value of $value and setting the
           priority to $priority.

           Returns the number of properties

       item ( $index )
           Returns the name of the property at the given index.

           Returns the rule to which this declaration belongs.

       modification_handler ( $coderef )
           This method, not part of the DOM, allows you to attach a call-back routine that is run
           whenever a change occurs to the style object (with the style object as its only
           argument). If you call it without an argument it returns the current handler. With an
           argument, it returns the old value after setting it.

           This returns the parser that was passed to the constructor.

       This module also has methods for accessing each CSS property directly.  Simply capitalise
       each letter in a CSS property name that follows a hyphen, then remove the hyphens, and
       you'll have the method name. E.g., call the "borderBottomWidth" method to get/set the
       border-bottom-width property.  One exception to this is that "cssFloat" is the method used
       to access the 'float' property. (But you can also use the "float" method, though it's not
       part of the DOM standard.)