Provided by: libcatalyst-plugin-authentication-perl_0.10023-3_all bug


       Catalyst::Authentication::Store::Null - Null authentication store


           use Catalyst qw(

           __PACKAGE__->config( 'Plugin::Authentication' => {
               default_realm => 'remote',
               realms => {
                   remote => {
                       credential => {
                           class => 'TypeKey',
                           key_url => '',
                       store => {
                           class => 'Null',


       The Null store is a transparent store where any supplied user data is accepted. This is
       mainly useful for remotely authenticating credentials (e.g. TypeKey, OpenID) which may not
       be tied to any local storage. It also helps facilitate integration with the Session


   new( )
       Creates a new instance of the store.

   for_session( )
       Returns the user object passed to the method.

   from_session( )
       Returns the user object passed to the method.

   find_user( )
       Since this store isn't tied to any real set of users, this method just returns the user
       info bless as a Catalyst::Authentication::User::Hash object.

   user_supports( )
       Delegates to Catalyst::Authentication::User::Hash.