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       Catalyst::Controller::ActionRole - (DEPRECATED) Apply roles to action instances


       version 0.17


           package MyApp::Controller::Foo;

           use Moose;
           use namespace::autoclean;

           BEGIN { extends 'Catalyst::Controller::ActionRole' }

           sub bar : Local Does('Moo') { ... }


       This module allows one to apply Moose::Roles to the "Catalyst::Action"s for different
       controller methods.

       For that a "Does" attribute is provided. That attribute takes an argument, that determines
       the role, which is going to be applied. If that argument is prefixed with "+", it is
       assumed to be the full name of the role. If it's prefixed with "~", the name of your
       application followed by "::ActionRole::" is prepended. If it isn't prefixed with "+" or
       "~", the role name will be searched for in @INC according to the rules for role prefix

       It's possible to apply roles to all actions of a controller without specifying the "Does"
       keyword in every action definition:

           package MyApp::Controller::Bar

           use Moose;
           use namespace::autoclean;

           BEGIN { extends 'Catalyst::Controller::ActionRole' }

               action_roles => ['Foo', '~Bar'],

           # Has Catalyst::ActionRole::Foo and MyApp::ActionRole::Bar applied.
           # If MyApp::ActionRole::Foo exists and is loadable, it will take
           # precedence over Catalyst::ActionRole::Foo.
           # If MyApp::ActionRole::Bar exists and is loadable, it will be loaded,
           # but even if it doesn't exist Catalyst::ActionRole::Bar will not be loaded.
           sub moo : Local { ... }

       Additionally, roles can be applied to selected actions without specifying "Does" using
       "action" in Catalyst::Controller and configured with "action_args" in

           package MyApp::Controller::Baz;

           use Moose;
           use namespace::autoclean;

           BEGIN { extends 'Catalyst::Controller::ActionRole' }

               action_roles => [qw( Foo )],
               action       => {
                   some_action    => { Does => [qw( ~Bar )] },
                   another_action => { Does => [qw( +MyActionRole::Baz )] },
               action_args  => {
                   another_action => { customarg => 'arg1' },

           # has Catalyst::ActionRole::Foo and MyApp::ActionRole::Bar applied
           sub some_action : Local { ... }

           # has Catalyst::ActionRole::Foo and MyActionRole::Baz applied
           # and associated action class would get additional arguments passed
           sub another_action : Local { ... }


       This class attribute stores an array reference of role prefixes to search for role names
       in if they aren't prefixed with "+" or "~". It defaults to "[ 'Catalyst::ActionRole::' ]".
       See "role prefix searching".

       This attribute stores an array reference of role names that will be applied to every
       action of this controller. It can be set by passing a "action_roles" argument to the
       constructor. The same expansions as for "Does" will be performed.


       Gathers the list of roles to apply to an action with the given %action_args.


       As of version 5.90013, Catalyst has merged this functionality into the core
       Catalyst::Controller.  You should no longer use it for new development and we recommend
       switching to the core controller as soon as practical.


       Roles specified with no prefix are looked up under a set of role prefixes.  The first
       prefix is always "MyApp::ActionRole::" (with "MyApp" replaced as appropriate for your
       application); the following prefixes are taken from the "_action_role_prefix" attribute.


       Florian Ragwitz <>


       This software is copyright (c) 2009 by Florian Ragwitz.

       This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as
       the Perl 5 programming language system itself.


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