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       Catalyst::ScriptRunner - The Catalyst Framework script runner


           # Will run MyApp::Script::Server if it exists, otherwise
           # will run Catalyst::Script::Server.
           Catalyst::ScriptRunner->run('MyApp', 'Server');


       This class is responsible for loading and running scripts, either in the application
       specific namespace (e.g. "MyApp::Script::Server"), or the Catalyst namespace (e.g.

       If your application contains a custom script, then it will be used in preference to the
       generic script, and is expected to sub-class the standard script.


       Catalyst will automatically load and apply roles to the scripts in your application.

       "MyApp::TraitFor::Script" will be loaded if present, and will be applied to ALL scripts.

       "MyApp::TraitFor::Script::XXXX" will be loaded (if present) and for script individually.


   run ($application_class, $scriptclass)
       Called with two parameters, the application class (e.g. MyApp) and the script class, (i.e.
       one of Server/FastCGI/CGI/Create/Test)

   find_script_class ($appname, $script_name)
       Finds and loads the class for the script, trying the application specific script first,
       and falling back to the generic script. Returns the script which was loaded.

   find_script_traits ($appname, @try)
       Finds and loads a set of traits. Returns the list of traits which were loaded.


       Catalyst Contributors, see


       This library is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.