Provided by: libcatmandu-importer-getjson-perl_0.51-1_all bug


       Catmandu::Fix::get_json - get JSON data from an URL as fix function


               # fetches a hash or array

               # stores it in path.key
               get_json("", path: path.key)

           # add URL query parameters or URL path from config
               get_json("", vars: config)

           # fill URL template fields from config
               get_json("{name}.json", vars: config)

               # get URL or URL template from a field


       This Catmandu::Fix provides a method to fetch JSON data from an URL. The response is added
       as new item or to a field of the current item.


       The first argument must be an URL, an URL template, or a field where to take an URL or URL
       template from. Additional options include:

           Field to store result JSON in. If not given or set to the empty string, the whole item
           is replaced by the fetched JSON response. If the first argument is a field, the same
           field is used as "path" by default.

           Field to get URL template variables, URL query parameters or an URL path expression
           from. This option is required if the first argument is an URL template.

       The fix function also supports options "dry", "cache", "timeout", "agent", "proxy", and
       "wait" as documented in Catmandu::Importer::getJSON.  Options "client", "headers", and
       "warn" are not supported.