Provided by: libclass-makemethods-perl_1.01-5_all bug


       Class::MakeMethods::Template::ClassVar - Static methods with subclass variation


         package MyObject;
         use Class::MakeMethods::Template::ClassVar (
           scalar          => [ 'foo' ]

         package main;

         print MyObject->foo();

         $MyObject::foo = 'bazillion';
         print MyObject->foo();


       These meta-methods provide access to package (class global) variables, with the package
       determined at run-time.

       This is basically the same as the PackageVar meta-methods, except that PackageVar methods
       find the named variable in the package that defines the method, while ClassVar methods use
       the package the object is blessed into. As a result, subclasses will each store a distinct
       value for a ClassVar method, but will share the same value for a PackageVar or Static

       Common Parameters: The following parameters are defined for ClassVar meta-methods.

           The name of the variable to store the value in. Defaults to the same name as the

   Standard Methods
       The following methods from Generic should all be supported:

         string_index (?)
         bits (?)
         array (*)
         hash (*)
         tiedhash (?)
         hash_of_arrays (?)
         object (?)
         instance (?)
         array_of_objects (?)
         code (?)
         code_or_scalar (?)

       See Class::MakeMethods::Template::Generic for the interfaces and behaviors of these method

       The items marked with a * above are specifically defined in this package, whereas the
       others are formed automatically by the interaction of this package's generic settings with
       the code templates provided by the Generic superclass.

       The items marked with a ? above have not been tested sufficiently; please inform the
       author if they do not function as you would expect.

       This rewrite rule converts package variable names into ClassVar methods of the equivalent
       data type.

       Here's an example declaration:

         package MyClass;

         use Class::MakeMethods::Template::ClassVar (
           vars => '$VERSION @ISA'

       MyClass now has methods that get and set the contents of its $MyClass::VERSION and
       @MyClass::ISA package variables:

         MyClass->VERSION( 2.4 );
         MyClass->push_ISA( 'Exporter' );

       Subclasses can use these methods to adjust their own variables:

         package MySubclass;
         MySubclass->MyClass::push_ISA( 'MyClass' );
         MySubclass->VERSION( 1.0 );