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       Curses::UI::Dialog::Progress - Create and manipulate progress dialogs




           use Curses::UI;
           my $cui = new Curses::UI;
           my $win = $cui->add('window_id', 'Window');

           # The hard way.
           # -------------
           my $dialog = $win->add(
               'mydialog', 'Dialog::Progress',
           -max       => 100,
               -message   => 'Some message',

           $dialog->message('Some other message');


           # The easy way (see Curses::UI documentation).
           # --------------------------------------------
           -max       => 100,
               -message   => 'Some message',
           $cui->setprogress(10, 'Some other message');


       Curses::UI::Dialog::Progress is not really a dialog, since the user has no way of
       interacting with it. It is merely a way of presenting progress information to the user of
       your program.

       See exampes/demo-Curses::UI::Dialog::Progress in the distribution for a short demo.


       ·   -title < TEXT >

           Set the title of the dialog window to TEXT.

       ·   -message < TEXT >

           This option sets the initial message to show to TEXT.  This message is displayed using
           a Curses::UI::Label, so it can not contain any newline (\n) characters.

       ·   -nomessage < BOOLEAN >

           If BOOLEAN has a true value, the dialog window will not contain a message label. By
           default -nomessage has a false value.

       ·   -min < VALUE >

       ·   -max < VALUE >

       ·   -pos < VALUE >

       ·   -nopercentage < BOOLEAN >

       ·   -nocenterline < BOOLEAN >

           These options control the progressbar of the dialog. For an explanation of these
           options, see Curses::UI::Progressbar.


       ·   new ( OPTIONS )

       ·   layout ( )

       ·   draw ( BOOLEAN )

           These are standard methods. See Curses::UI::Container for an explanation of these.

       ·   pos ( VALUE )

           This method will update the position of the progressbar to SCALAR. You will have to
           call the draw method to see the changes.

       ·   message ( TEXT )

           This method will update the message of the progress dialog to TEXT. You will have to
           call the draw method to see the changes.


       Curses::UI, Curses::UI::Container, Curses::UI::Progressbar


       Copyright (c) 2001-2002 Maurice Makaay. All rights reserved.

       Maintained by Marcus Thiesen (

       This package is free software and is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty.
       It may be used, redistributed and/or modified under the same terms as perl itself.