Provided by: libdbix-simple-perl_1.37-1_all bug


       DBIx::Simple::Result::RowObject - Simple result row object class


       This class is the default for the "object" and "objects" result object methods. Mainly, it
       provides syntactic sugar at the expense of performance.

       Instead of writing

           my $r = $db->query('SELECT foo, bar FROM baz')->hash;
           do_something_with $r->{foo}, $r->{bar};

       you may write

           my $r = $db->query('SELECT foo, bar FROM baz')->object;
           do_something_with $r->foo, $r->bar;

       This class is a subclass of Object::Accessor, which provides per-object (rather than per-
       class) accessors. Your records must not have columns names like these:

           * can
           * ls_accessors
           * ls_allow
           * mk_accessor
           * mk_clone
           * mk_flush
           * mk_verify
           * new
           * register_callback
           * ___autoload
           * ___callback
           * ___debug
           * ___error
           * ___get
           * ___set

       And of course DESTROY and AUTOLOAD, and anything that new versions of Object::Accessor
       might add.


       DBIx::Simple::OO is a third party module by Jos Boumans that provided "object" and
       "objects" to DBIx::Simple. Similar functionality is now built in, in part inspired by

       Using DBIx::Simple 1.33 or newer together with DBIx::Simple::OO 0.01 will result in method
       name clash. DBIx::Simple::Result::RowObject was written to be compatible with
       DBIx::Simple::OO::Item, except for the name, so "isa" calls still need to be changed.

       In practice, DBIx::Simple 1.33 makes DBIx::Simple::OO obsolete.


       Juerd Waalboer <> <>