Provided by: libdime-tools-perl_0.04-1_all bug


       DIME::Message - this class implements a DIME message


         use DIME::Message;
         use DIME::Payload;

         my $payload = DIME::Payload->new;
         $payload->attach(Path => '/mydata/content.txt');


         my $ref_dime_message = $message->print_data();
         print $$ref_dime_message;


       DIME::Message is a collection of DIME::Payloads. To get a valid Message object, you can
       generate one adding different DIME::Payloads objects, or use DIME::Parser class to parse
       an existing DIME message.


       Domingo Alcazar Larrea, <>


       Copyright (C) 2004 Domingo Alcázar Larrea

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       the version 2 of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software

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