Provided by: libdata-parsebinary-perl_0.31~dfsg-1_all bug


       Data::ParseBinary::Data::Cap - Parsing "tcpdump capture file"


           use Data::ParseBinary::Data::Cap qw{$data_cap_parser};
           my $data = $data_cap_parser->parse(CreateStreamReader(File => $fh));

       Parsing "tcpdump capture file", whatever it is. Please note that this parser have a lot of
       white space. (paddings) So when I rebuild the file, the padded area is zeroed, and the re-
       created file does not match the original file.

       I don't know if the recreated file is valid.

       This is a part of the Data::ParseBinary package, and is just one ready-made parser.
       please go to the main page for additional usage info.