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       EMF::EXTPEN - Extended Graphics Pen.


       #include <libemf.h>

       Inherits EMF::GRAPHICSOBJECT, and tagEXTLOGPEN.

   Public Member Functions
       EXTPEN (const EXTLOGPEN *lpen)
       OBJECTTYPE getType (void) const
       METARECORD * newEMR (HDC dc, HGDIOBJ emf_handle)

   Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

       Extended Graphics Pen.

       Pens are used for drawing lines, arc, rectangles, etc.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   EMF::EXTPEN::EXTPEN (const EXTLOGPEN * lpen) [inline]
           lpen the (logical?) pen definition.

Member Function Documentation

   OBJECTTYPE EMF::EXTPEN::getType (void) const [inline],  [virtual]
       Return the type of this object (could probably do better with RTTI()).

       Implements EMF::OBJECT.

   METARECORD* EMF::EXTPEN::newEMR (HDC dc, HGDIOBJ emf_handle) [inline],  [virtual]
       Return a new metarecord for this object. And record its selection into the given device

           dc handle of device context into which this object is being selected.
           emf_handle the EMF handle associated with the PEN.

       Implements EMF::GRAPHICSOBJECT.


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